Cloning Revealed: Unlocking the Secrets Behind Our DNA 


[klohn]  noun, verb, clones, clon·ing.
1. Biology.
a cell, cell, product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived.

What Exactly is Cloning? Hmm.. 

  • Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another.
  • A clone is an animal who is genetically identical to its donor "parent".
  • Scientists know that cloning is achieved using cells derived from a microscopic embryo, fetus, or an adult animal.
  • There are three types of cloning: Recombinant, Reproductive, and Theraputic.

What do we know about cloning?

       Some of the only things that you may know about cloning is the things that you have seen through the dramatized world of hollywood. But, what are the scientists doing in regards to this new phemomina? Well first, let's explore some myths. Due to what you've seen at the movies, you may believe that a clone will magically appear the same age as you. Although this may be extremely cool, it just isn't realistic. Cloning is another way to create an embryo, NOT a fully gown, fully matured alter-ego of yourself. Beacuse this clone is just an embryo, the process would be the same as if someone were to have a normal baby the traditional way (Cloning Myths).

       Now the second myth is probably a little more popular. Imagine you have a dog named Fido and Fido is your best friend. He's been there for you your entire life and he is the best dog you've ever had. Smart, sweet, loyal, everything you've ever wanted in a pet. But, Fido is getting old and it's almost his time to kick-the-bucket. What can you do? You think that you can clone him and all your problems will be solved. You'll never have to go without your best friend! We'll, it doesn't quite work that way. Cloning is a way to help ensure that certain traits will be mirrored but it has no effect on how the animal is going to act. The environment affects the way a being acts so, although they may look alike, these two dogs will grow up in different ways, have different experiences and just overall, be different.

       So, if all you believed to be true is not, then what exactly do we know? Well, this website is here to assist you in learing the way cloning works and life changing impact cloning has has on today's society.

A History of Cloning:

 A timeline of the biggest and most substancial moments of cloning history.


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